Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you regret your tattoo?

Whether you’re looking to remove a tattoo or fade it before getting something new, Dr. Protain can help. He has the expert knowledge needed for removing tattoos safely and with minor discomfort. He is certified for laser tattoo removal from the Institute For Laser Medicine (ILM). Newer laser tattoo removal methods can remove or lighten your tattoo with few side effects. We offer laser tattoo removal technology to safely and effectively remove tattoos of nearly any color, size, or shape.

Our tattoo removal laser features

The Q-switch laser is one of the most effective devices for unwanted tattoos.

  • High peak power and short pulse width. The shorter pulse width allows higher peak energy. (Minimized Thermal damage).
  • Our laser uses a variety of wavelengths allowing safe removal of multiple ink colors on most skin tones.
  • Our advanced skin chiller minimizes discomfort and offers topical anesthetics creams.

Laser Treatment Aftercare

Typical and expected after-effects of tattoo laser removal are erythema (redness) and possibly some swelling. The redness is a sign of the targeted energy and is evidence that we used the correct power settings. Within a few days, these effects should dissipate. We advise you to continue cooling the tattoo removal area every few hours as needed over the rest of the day, plus utilize a soothing aloe vera gel.

Avoid the following after treatment

  • No tight clothing around the treated area
  • No swimming, saunas, steam rooms, or Jacuzzis
  • No sunbathing, sunbeds, or fake tanning ( two weeks before & after )
  • No hot showers or baths. Use warm water only and avoid soaking the treated area
  • No deodorants, perfumes, scented body lotions, or creams in the removal area
  • No picking or scratching treatment area

Tattoo Removal Overview

It is widely accepted that laser is the best and safest tattoo removal method with the lowest chance of scarring. We use a variety of laser wavelengths to eliminate nearly all types and colors of ink. Focusing the tattoo removal laser’s power on the inked area breaks up the pigment and paint. The laser Dr. Protain uses a top-hat beam profile that reduces epidermal damage and transient textural change.

The laser equipment we use can remove nearly all colors of tattoo ink, almost anywhere on the body. Our lasers offer four separate wavelengths making them capable of removing darker inks (blacks, purples, browns), brighter inks (reds, yellows, oranges), plus stubborn pigments like blue-green tattoo ink. In a fraction of a second, the laser breaks down the pigment, allowing us to complete a conventional treatment in a short amount of time. Tattoo removal lasers do not infiltrate the lower layers of skin, meaning that scarring is rare and heals fast.

Your first tattoo removal appointment

The number of laser removal treatments depends on your tattoo’s color, age, and size. Dr. Protain and his staff will discuss your options during your first appointment. Getting a tattoo removed is similar to having a tattoo placed. The small amount of discomfort may be further reduced by topical numbing agents and our Zimmer Skin Chiller.

How does a laser remove a tattoo?

Other tattoo removal methods are available such as dermabrasion and cryosurgery, but laser removal is considered the most effective and least likely to scar option to remove a tattoo. The powerful laser light penetrates the skin, breaking the ink into particles and leading to tattoo fading. The body’s immune system then removes the pigments. The laser energy only targets the pigmented skin and is generally harmless to the un-inked surrounding skin.

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